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“Great men are little men expanded; great lives are ordinary lives intensified.”Wilfred A. Peterson

Everyone has their own definition of success, mostly it’s defined as the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of one’s goal. For you to achieve success it’s all up to you, first have a vision then dedicate it to God through prayers and let Him work with his time. One key to success is to have integrity of the heart and remember God only works with humble key to success is having a vision of what you want to achieve then dedicate it to God so that He will let it be when the right time comes. We took the initiative to ask some of the successful people and company to share with us there experience by answering some questions as follows:

  1. What is success to you?
  2. What’s your success story?
  3. Word of advice to the aspiring ones
  4. Quote

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My first definition on success is being in line with God, having a good relationship and loving Him with all your heart, mind and soul. Second is happiness, being fulfilled and happy with whom you are and what you’re doing that’s being content with life, lastly achieving your life time goals. I grew up in heats of Eastland’s from a poor family and we did not have much but I used my brain and read tirelessly and I got a scholarship to state house girls, in form three I participate in drama and we won the best play in Kenya due to that a teacher from Hill Crest group of schools in Karen got me a scholarship to study there for year eleven to thirteen, I took that chance fully because I knew that was my chance to be the best. After finishing year thirteen I got another scholarship to go to Manchester but it was half scholarship so I didn’t go and that’s when I started doing music. I woke up at five am and I didn’t have money and when the auditions started I could not be allowed to try because I was nineteen years and the age for tryouts was twenty one, Clemo of calif records gave me a chance after he auditioned me. in order to earn a living and to get transport to run errands, I did cleaning of the studio and toilets at calif records of which I earned Kenyan shilling  six thousand(which was my first salary) and during my free time I recorded my song then started to distribute my cd’s all round. All that was a hustle sending emails to Caroline Mutoko to play my song ‘Shamba boy’ to go to radio stations and at one time I was rained on and they ended up playing my song, the day that Caroline Mutoko played my song and I rushed to thank her and she was so shocked that an artist came to say thank you. After some time I left calif though I was doing shows though the money was not enough to sustain me but reporter from a media station gave me five thousand to record then after sometime, someone heard the song and gave me the finances through Shaffie Weru and I started to became a house hold name that was in 2008 and by 2012 I was the highest paid female artist. In October 2012 I gave my life to Christ because I was not happy despite of having the riches and fame, but now all has changed and God has given me true happiness and a loving husband and that makes true success. Word of success is always believe in possibilities, never kill your dreams though sometime the situation may be tough but always determines to press forward. Remember Abraham God had promised that he will become the father of all nations and though his faith and he became father of many nations, remember “faith can move mountains.” Read Roman 4:13-21 it makes us understand that successful people are people who have faith in God, themselves, talent and their vocation so God, faith, hard work, creativity, discipline and character (one might have talent but with ought discipline and character you will not go far.)”Seek ye first the kingdom of God and the rest will be added an to you”

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“There is a genius in every person “Bob Richards

Success is achieving your goals and using it to help others. I was not always a DJ. My love for good music saw me do a short stint as a rapper and a street dancer. I met DJ Nevz and through Spinrej I started working my way into the DJ I am today. With Spinrej I got gigs at Hope FM, HOT 96 and later the first DVJ on KTN’s Off the Hook show. I left Spinrej in 2009 to form SYSTEM UNIT with Alemba, Sadic and Hey Z. Soon after, my love for music pulled me into the world of serious DJing and I entered my first DJ battle 2010 Mfalme; this proved to be something grand. With a prestigious panel of judges, including Dj from CodeRed, Inferno and MOB a show case of talent was inevitable. Considering I was the only Christian DJ to make it to top 10 of over 200 DJs country wide, that was my ultimate test. My combination of trust in God, my passion for music and DJing skills helped me to take on the challenge. I was first runners up…controversially. If there’s ever a time Romans 8:28 applied in my life was then… Romans 8:28 tells us that all things work together for good, for those that love God and are the called according to His purposes. So every day I wake up and say “I will trust you today”. No matter what may come my way. Things do happen for a reason. I didn’t fret and I let it slide. A few days later I would be crowned Groove awards 2010 winner, got a deal for my own radio show on capital called the SOUND and a gig on NTV as Crossover 101 live DVJ.I also won many other awards and in 2011, I was nominated for the prestigious TALANTA awards that happens annually in USA, and won. In 2012 I was involved in Talanta awards launch tour which covered almost 10 cities including Ohio, Washinton DC,Richmond VA,KANSAS,PA,Washinton DC,NEW YORK,Raleigh NC, St Lois MO,Seattle and Washington state .I have also won other multiple awards on Groove Awards in 2013& 2014 DJ of the Year on top of that, I have played in some of the biggest Gigs in Kenya such as Groove party that was attended by an almost 40,000 revealers, Safaricom face off, 20,000 and Coca-Cola open happiness concert over- 15000 and other major tours around the country. To any aspiring person, before victory there is battle hence nothing comes on a silver platter but positive outlook is more than smiling in the face of problems, have optimism and belief that no matter what you can still succeed. Remember that the darkest hour is just before the break of dawn and God does not sleep nor slumber but lets us lie of green pastures.“Success must be seen holistically; which is the result of maintaining priorities in life and keeping perspective.”

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Success is all about you achieving your goals, believing in yourself and loving what you do no matter what. I started in the year 2008 as a church and youth emcee and most people did not appreciate what I did…but in the year 2010 I joined System Unit company and I started doing big events and cooperates like System rave, Doha Qatar first gospel event, Groove party, Groove awards, kids festival, Coca cola world cup event, SDE campus tours with safaricom, Kenya at 50 concert and many more. I won teeniz hype man of the year at extreme awards…that was much humbling from dust to dawn. Word of advice is, Respect what you do no matter what “Iron sharpens iron” work with the right people and you will go far…you can never work alone.

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Success is giving your best despite the outcome. I prayed to God for a break through tirelessly and He answered my prayers by giving me the appropriate destiny helpers. I pray unceasingly it’s my key to date. You never know how close you are to your destiny, so keep on working hard. ‘’If they made you, you also can and will be honest and true to God and self’

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Success is an accomplishment of your goals or moment of completion. I had always said to myself “Saint stevoh” is a true definition of on the scripture that says “a little on shall become a thousand, a small one will be a strong nation.” Musically it has been a journey full of patients, for the ear to listen and the heart to learn .I define success as a seed that has to be planted on fertile ground as foundation and it has to grow with time .comparing the seed growth with being a gospel artist, when one starts growing in the ministry, people will start noticing you but one should never cut out the source of growth and that’s God, who is the giver of everything and also gives us mentors to guide us and make sure we grow. People fail due to broken focus. If you are a gospel artist, sing about the word because the bible says, in the book of John1:1 “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God” so if you’re singing proclaim it, never will the word let you go wrong because God has sent his word to accomplish what it was sent to do. Patience pays in the book of Galatians 6:9 it says “let us not be weary in well doing, for in due season we shall reap.” Someone else said ‘everything that you need in order to be successful, is already inside you…you are a success

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Success to us is a continuous process, where as a record label, we focus on being better today than we were yesterday, and better tomorrow than we are today. Every time we identify and nurture young upcoming talents from the streets and develop it, its success to us. When we give a platform to an able staff like we do now and put food on the table for one more family, that’s success from our associates and networks.teh studio idea started as a thought among cousins. All along we have been a musical family but we never thought of exploring further challenges with music idea. After realizing that we had the potential to take up the challenge, we decided to work on a studio as this would give us a bigger platform to realize our goals of nurturing our music and that of other artist out there. The record label concept was not a one day affair, we took over a year just planning for it and pulling resources and ideas together before we finally put it to action. Our major achievements have been the release of major gospel hits in the industry this year. We started with Kereka, Delilah which was a collabo with Homeboyz, Tam tam, Heshima, Mzuka, Pendo, Makelele, Sifa, mashujaa among others. Our other achievements are raising the standard in the industry arena. So far, we have been able to work Homeboyz, Calif records, Signature scope, Jamland studios in USA among others. To reach our goals, every day we are on the lookout scouting unidentified and fresh talent and nurturing them to attain success. We believe there’s nothing one can achieve in this industry that’s bigger than this noble task. Business will always remain business. It takes a lot to establish a business, it may cost you a lot in your life because you have to give it your best always but as long as you set your eyes on the prize and keep moving, one day you will get there. The hardest phase of any business in the ground is the breaking phase. Often things won’t readily turn out as expected but one has to plan for both sides of the coin so that when things won’t go as expected you will brace yourself for recovery. In the long run, its fulfilling when you identify a talent and see that smile on a person who had lost hope in life, but can wear a smile again because jumbo sound records stepped in.“In order to succeed in anything, your desire for success has to be greater than your fear for failure because it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the fight in the dog that matters!”




  1. Fidelia Wanza · November 2, 2014

    The stories are really inspiring and i believe theres no limit to a goal that is set.Congratulations on ur success guys


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